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Praise Awe

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Thabiso Lorraine

I am 23, soon to graduate from university with a BA (Hons) Acting degree. I have been interested in pageantry since I was 12. Everything I do, acting, modelling, singing, pageants and dancing, is the empowerment of women, especially of colour. I believe that the best way to influence people positively is by living life to the fullest as an example. I hope to one day become an international performer based in London and working in Hollywood. Why do you want to take part in Miss Bronze? Taking part in this pageant system is an excellent way to celebrate women of Afro-Carribean ethnicity who most of the time in mainstream media are not celebrated and shown in a positive light. Being a part of this, among other young women will demonstrate to the world that we are united to dispell all negative stereotypes about our ability and our beauty. If you become Miss Bronze, what would be your objective/platform? I believe that education, in whatever capacity, is the key to a better life. I would love to work with various local schools and schools in countries all over the world to help make education more accessible and more relevant to students. In my country, subjects and courses are chosen for an individual based on their grades and their interests disregarded. I would love to encourage schools to take into consideration students' interests and how they can help nurture their talents. What are your goals 5 years from now? I would love to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated and walk for the Victoria Secret fashion show. Maria Bourges has already begun the beautiful work of being the first African/black woman to walk the show with her natural hair. I would love to continue her work and to be someone young Afro-Carribean girls can get strength and encouragement from.
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